Wednesday, November 21

What's Cortland suggesting..?

Couple years back, I bought some shitty ass China cane on megaclearance from Cabela's. One of the guys in the Fly Cave (am I making that up, or is it actually referred to as a Cave?) said that Cortland Sylk was the bee's knees for those sorts of rods.

He's right. With a lone "speciality" application, my last four fly line purchases have all been Cortland 444 Sylk DTs. Each one's been fished hard they've all lasted really well, with only one complaint (they crack at the whipped loop every single time, wish they'd do a welded loop).

All, except my last one which cracked and fell apart for about 3' straight, generally about where I figure eight retrieve. And after maybe six months.

So, I complained, and Cortland very quickly, and nicely, sent me a replacement line and didn't ask for the old one back (dual taper, I'm just gonna flip that shit around and fish the other end before I put the new one on). Who can possibly complain about their customer service? It was awesome.

What confuses me though was the use of a German newspaper to pad the box.

The sex classified section, none the less.

(update: oh, shit, they did a welded loop, i guess if i wasn't baffled by the packaging i'd have noticed that, go cortland! bet it snaps off in a month)


  1. My dog is pissed! He thinks you purposely covered up the add for the ass rimming shemales on purpose.

  2. I'm keeping those numbers private.

  3. Sex wont be boring for at least one month eh?

  4. Sylk fly lines. German tranny personals. Anyone that knows you won't be surprised. Those lines are pretty cool eh? Ima grab a 5 when my current line dies.

    1. congrats on finally operating the post button!

      i'm a fan. they're thin, and they're aftma rated, and if it doesn't crack its a pretty sweet line with a reasonably moderate colour.

      it kinda sinks after awhile, but that's why god gave us gink, and it makes you feel proper if you dress it periodically.