Thursday, June 21

Internet fishing forums are generally for assholes.

Line cleaning is a very important topic on FF'ing forums.
You the sort of guy who goes on fishing trips and actually talks about fishing?

Like to trade the awesome new secrets of Liechtenstein style nymphing with like minded, pro-spec and ultra serious fishermen?

Not into strippers?

Don't go here. If, however, a "fishing trip" is an excuse to enter into a multi-day bender without offending your loved ones (excepting those moments where bail bonds may be involved). If you're basically tired of fishing forums having to do with actual fishing and not just being random and stupid discussions with people who fish. If you want to discuss, vocally and with as much colourful fucking language as you can possibly jam into a post, the merits of ketchup-based sauces on meatloaf while maintaining a side bar as to why snowshoe is better than CDC, sweet holy Mother of Fuck, do I have a place for you. Click the forums link across the top. Make an account. Log in. Post bullshit. Enjoy like minded assholes. Its an Interwebs forum for people who fish, but not really about fishing. Un-like minded assholes need not apply, and you will likely be chased off for sucking. There's places for you, instead.