Thursday, March 22

Why not keep buying shit when you're poor? Rad reels, done dirt cheap. And. Well, other shit. Because I spent money. Fuck me this is a long title, eh?

Let's just start off with something. I like shit that clicks. The clickier the better. Ergo, I like clicky reels. When they've got pawls instead of space age material drags, then they're old school and I'm even more into them.

Turns out a friend calls reels like that rattlesnakes. That's a fantastic term. Bank it.

So, anyways, clicky shit. I dig it. I don't, however, have the sort of cash for a Hardy Princess or other small, light clicky reel. Classics bore me, although until recently an Ocean City 35 was my small 3wt reel.

Until recently. Meet the LL Bean Pocket Water. Its awesome shit, and its under $80.

Tuesday, March 13

"What flies do I pick?" bullshit reposted coz I'm lazy like that.

A paraphrased streamside discussion over one lunch break:

"I just have one question for you..."
"What's that," I responded far less irritated than I would for most newbies.
"What flies do you use...?"

I told him to come here and hunt up the old post I made about beginner flies.

I'm just making this lame-ass self-reblogging to bump it up top for the year, and because I can. Mostly because I can. Suck it, its my blog and you can make your own if you don't like it.

If you're desperate for more insect knowledge, grab a copy of Charlie Meck's "Pocketguide to Pennsylvania Hatches" or whatever its called. Its small, and its handy and you'll soon reach a point where you too can say, "its brownish, and its about this, this fly'll do." Or you'll speak Latin at other assholes who need more useful things to occupy their minds. Whatever.

Thursday, March 1

An ode to the Comficient grip.

I generally hate Craigslist. Its filled with assholes who think their shit is worth gold, or if you're selling, that your gold (or at least gold-washed  nickle) is worth shit. Hell, someone once offered me their "artwork" in lieu of my requested $900 for an iMac G5. Dick.

Sometimes, though, it pays off. Like the old man selling a handful of bamboo fly rods, including a Hardy Fairy, for pennies. Fuck yeah, I bought that Hardy.

I bought it as an "investment," but whatever, fish it sometimes, too. However, I wanted to buy another rod that I could use to fish the shit out of, without concern for its long term condition, in fact I bought it to "beat into submission," based on the way cane nerds talk about their shit.

At the time, I looked at the guys selection of other rods and decided I'd make an offer on a second one. I had it down between a Montague and a South Bend, and the choice was easy: The South Bend.

Why? Because it had the coolest grip I'd ever held.

The "Comficient." Comfortable. Efficient. -Oreno? 

Fuck yeah.