Monday, November 28

Combat fishing: Drainage ditches run in funny places.

Allentown's urban streams require speciality equipment.
And not neccessarily "ha ha" funny, either.

One might surmise I had to augment the usual equipment for this (extended!) weekend's jaunts, and you're right. I took in two new places I'd been thinking about in the past, and since one was in a not-so-good area (or so I'm told), I figured I'd have to add something with a little more punch than the usual 5wt.

With all the rain and my distinct distaste of high water, when I got my chance to go out this weekend I decided to take in a new place I"d driven over many times, but never bothered to look at. A friend told me a new park had opened in Catasauqua, and I figured since I tried something new on the first chance I got, I'd try something different on the second chance: A look at Trout Creek in the middle of Allentown's most upscale neighbourhood.

Sunday, November 20

November?! Waaagh.

New activities for winter.
Damn, there she goes, too. Fuckin eh,  WH40K: Space Marine seems to have consumed my nights, and any free weekend time when I was able to go fishing, but it was just slightly too cold to want to go out when I could stay home and exterminate asshole 13 year old kids in online games.
Twilight ruined vampires.
I mean, sparkly vampires?
Fuck that noise. Fuck your
Mormon vampires. Anne
Rice sucks, too, btw.

Yep, shit's reached that point. However, if you haven't shouted and some jackhole kid who stabs you in the face repeatedly in some lame ass online game, I suggest giving it  go just once. Its oddly invigorating.

So, what's the deal? Monocacy Trout Unlimited is back in action for their winter sessions, and some new and invigorated participation leaves me hope that they'll start to pick up steam and go back to full time and pursing a complete agenda. Thousand miles, one step, zen bullshit. Et. Cetera. November 22nd is an open meeting and fly tying night, come out and don't be an asshole.

Hit and run topic: Online petions suck, but sign it anyways. Pennsylvania House Bill 1950 and Senate Bill 1100 to supercede local enviromental regs for lesser state regs on Marcellus shale drilling. Read more.

Fly of the whatever, because I meant to do it weeks ago but, y'know, lazy and shit. Lafontaine Emergent Sparkle Pupa. Y'know, read more and all that. You've done this, you understand. Read more is go!

Tuesday, November 1


Left the Valley. The goal was to fish Penn's Creek, of course it rained like a motherfucker up to that weekend resulting in a severely blown Penn's Creek.

A shame, really. It was a parting trip for a friend who was moving to Montana, and he has a special place for Penn's. Me? I don't leave home, so I've never been there. I spent a week prepping up my shit. I tied flies, first time since spring, really.

Didn't use any of them. Stupid October Caddis. WTF am I supposed to fucking do with a dozen size 10 sparkle caddis? Fortunately, I'm ill prepared for shit that's not in the Valley, so I couldn't tie bigger than 10, else I'd be lamenting a dozen size 8 2XL fuckin ESPs.

So, what else do I got? Nothing useful. Fuck it. October is over. Hope you enjoyed it.