Monday, January 30

wah tenkara wah

tenkara aficionados try salt water fishing
"whine whine lefty whine show whine whine wah tenkara wah wah whine"

did i sum it up? holy fuck, who cares? if you're against it, no one cares run on with your superiority because you can manipulate line length. if you're against it, no one cares run on with your simplicity spiel.

but here's a hint for the pro-tenkara camp: you'll continue to be a fad/novelty/other derogatory comment for the foreseeable future. because no one here knows about you and doesn't care. four years of sales in america doesn't really mean anything.

however, the more you whine abotu all the bullshit you whine about, the more the rest of the established people will hate you. silently stew in tenkara forums if you must about how people don't get it but please don't try to reign over the rest of us because we don't care.

Saturday, January 28

Rod building: a new way to throw away money. (updated 1/30)

Y'know, I meant to do this thing, like, where I rant about shit like dumb shit... I sort of alluded to it last time, and I had this awesome anger about line weights, tapers, the AFTMA and how stupid the modern fly fishing industry is...but, whatever. I shot my load on local forums. I've been thinking about throwing it together, but I've yet to do so. Its filled with ranting, vulgarity, and stupid hyperbole and I'm quite impressed with the run away train of thought but you may never see it, eh? Sucks for you. Or, well, maybe not.

Monocacy TU is back in action with their short run of presentations, and held their first presentation. I think we shot our expenditure load on getting a local Poconos guy, Don Baylor, to come down and do a presentation on the history of fly fishing in the Poconos, which mostly centered around the Brodhead. It was a good time. You should've gone. I did.

Saturday, January 7


My neighbours don't get me.
I haven't done shit lately. Haven't felt like it. Cold. Sickly. Not right. Fucking holidays. I hate the fucking holidays. Man, do I hate the fucking holidays. They're over. It was like fitty degrees today. I felt I should go fishing.

And I did... I didn't want to. I wanted to stay home and blast Battlefield 3 nonsense on a reconstituted 5.1 system (scrounged an old receiver from a friend). But, like 55 degrees. No family. No holidays (fucking holidays!), and it turns out the water was flowing at a perfect 118cfs.

So, I gathered some crap and hit the water. It was nice to get out, enjoy it for the first time in what seems to have been years but had only been a couple months. Reminded me that nymphing is every bit as boring as I say it is, and also reminded me of why the modern fly fishing industry sucks ass, and we'll go into that next week.

What we did do is prove a theory I've heard before, and recently saw blogged at another site: Cheap screws work just fine for boot studs.