Wednesday, November 28

Marc Petitjean wunderbobbin: You want how much for this nonsense? Eff you, Swedish Dude. Eff. You.

(please note "eff you" as a stand in for "fuck you" in the title, that's my little acknowledgement that the shit I spew ends up in many others' feeds)

And now, part 2 of a two part series of shit I'd never fucking bother with if it wasn't dirt cheap, or free, the Marc Petitjean Magic Bobbin. Shit? Maybe its just Marc Petitjean Bobbin? There's a Magic Tool, right, so is this shit magic or not? Well, definatly not, but is it suggested that its magical? I just checked the Official Site, it's MP-TT Bobbin. WTF does that even mean?

Magical? Uhm... You know what its not? Cheap. Not by a long shot. Said official site suggests its $63 in proper American cash. Sixty-three!

Yeah, you're goddamned right I didn't spend that much. Shit, even at list price (thank you very much), I agonized over dropping the coin, but knew I'd be able to sell it for what I paid if I didn't like it.

So, what do you get for $63?
  1. Built-in tensioner.
  2. Quick threading capability.
  3. Built in dubbing loop hook thingy.
  4. Pettyjean Inc claims, "perfectly balanced." Sure. OK.
  5. Smug sense of look at my bobbin, my bobbin is amazing..?
Is it worth it?

Wednesday, November 21

What's Cortland suggesting..?

Couple years back, I bought some shitty ass China cane on megaclearance from Cabela's. One of the guys in the Fly Cave (am I making that up, or is it actually referred to as a Cave?) said that Cortland Sylk was the bee's knees for those sorts of rods.

He's right. With a lone "speciality" application, my last four fly line purchases have all been Cortland 444 Sylk DTs. Each one's been fished hard they've all lasted really well, with only one complaint (they crack at the whipped loop every single time, wish they'd do a welded loop).

All, except my last one which cracked and fell apart for about 3' straight, generally about where I figure eight retrieve. And after maybe six months.

So, I complained, and Cortland very quickly, and nicely, sent me a replacement line and didn't ask for the old one back (dual taper, I'm just gonna flip that shit around and fish the other end before I put the new one on). Who can possibly complain about their customer service? It was awesome.

What confuses me though was the use of a German newspaper to pad the box.

The sex classified section, none the less.

(update: oh, shit, they did a welded loop, i guess if i wasn't baffled by the packaging i'd have noticed that, go cortland! bet it snaps off in a month)

Sunday, November 11

Tales of Adventure.

I'm aware its the banner, now. But it won't be 
some day, now will it?
Every so often I wonder what the point of doing this nonsense is, until I'm relating some sort of rambling story to someone and I think, "oh, that's why."

See, I'm vain enough to figure someone finds it interesting. Probably because its not happening to them.

This is one of those stories.

I fished a section of local stream recently, and I fished it at its lowest possible section, the confluence with our big boy river, I'm on this wet fly thing, and so I'd swung my shit down and across 'til there was no more down to across.

Well, shit. I mean, I'm here, I might as well fish big river, right? It'd be a nice end to the day to pick up a smallie or something.

I look through my box, and the only streamer I have is a ratty old Mickey Finn. Fuck, make it worse, a super shitty job I bought from Walmart 7+ years ago when I first got started. But, y'know, run whatcha brung, and it was either that or a cast of size 14 wets.

So, tie it on and begin a few half hearted casts, being the stupidest thing I've tried to do all day thus far and aware that it was an exercise in futility.

I didn't just get a tug, I got a massive boil, and a the rod doubled down.

 I set the hook.

Wednesday, November 7

Overpriced shit that I'd never buy even though it works.

This post has very little to do with
this. Also, CDC sucks. Except here.  
Totally part of a series of two, which isn't much of a series, but whatever. My shit.

So, here's the deal, I think CDC is fucking stupid. Its a panacea, a magic bullet, and I'm entirely sick of it. Matter of fact, despite the fact that I have absolute bags of the shit, I've never bothered to use it.

Until recently. A friend showed me his stupid simple generic tie, which uses a few fibers in a loop wing. Suddenly, I have use for bags of CDC, and I can make one feather last for multiple flies, so, like, fuck your face corpse of Rene Harroup for controlling the world market on CDC.

OK, so maybe he's not, or wasn't, or from beyond the grave. Whatever.

Point is, along with that shit comes a whole host of overpriced toys and shit. One of them I bought, one of them I was gifted coz a friend knows a friend who may or may not get high with a dude who sells this shit.

Its good to be in the network.

And with that, I present to you my thoughts on the disguistingly overpriced Marc Petitjean amadou patch.

In short: Holy shit, it works.

But, that doesn't make words people read, so I suppose I have to go into more detail.