Wednesday, November 28

Marc Petitjean wunderbobbin: You want how much for this nonsense? Eff you, Swedish Dude. Eff. You.

(please note "eff you" as a stand in for "fuck you" in the title, that's my little acknowledgement that the shit I spew ends up in many others' feeds)

And now, part 2 of a two part series of shit I'd never fucking bother with if it wasn't dirt cheap, or free, the Marc Petitjean Magic Bobbin. Shit? Maybe its just Marc Petitjean Bobbin? There's a Magic Tool, right, so is this shit magic or not? Well, definatly not, but is it suggested that its magical? I just checked the Official Site, it's MP-TT Bobbin. WTF does that even mean?

Magical? Uhm... You know what its not? Cheap. Not by a long shot. Said official site suggests its $63 in proper American cash. Sixty-three!

Yeah, you're goddamned right I didn't spend that much. Shit, even at list price (thank you very much), I agonized over dropping the coin, but knew I'd be able to sell it for what I paid if I didn't like it.

So, what do you get for $63?
  1. Built-in tensioner.
  2. Quick threading capability.
  3. Built in dubbing loop hook thingy.
  4. Pettyjean Inc claims, "perfectly balanced." Sure. OK.
  5. Smug sense of look at my bobbin, my bobbin is amazing..?
Is it worth it?

Tensioner and bottom half of 
Sure, if you're in a tax bracket above mine.

The thing is, I love fucking gadgets. I eat that shit up like you can't imagine, and I love dubbing loops, so that right there should come together to make this fucking thing a religion to me, right?

We'll come back to that. Let's start smaller: Bitch threads up faster than you can imagine. You hook some thread under a wire, up the open channel of the "tube" (which is a U here) and then under a sort of wire that surrounds the tip.

Top of threader, and loop
Which is funny because I see outside of Finland or wherever this thing comes from, I see the latest craze is fucking ruby tips or some shit now. Yet, in fucking Poland its, "oh no, loop of wire Comrade" and everything's forgiven. The thing is, I've had some mysterious thread breaks on me, and not from pulling on that shit too hard. I believe the thread is getting caught and snapped on the end of the wire ring in the tip, mostly because I thought I wasn't supposed to be buy anything less than ceramic bobbins anymore, and yes, you're goddamned right I'm harping on this because it seems fucking nuts.

Shit, thought, bitch threads up fast. On the other hand, you can buy ceramic bobbins from cheap dealers for like $8 now, and this costs you $63 because its basically price controlled and that's fucking 8 fucking bobbins for the price of one. Do you want 8 prethreaded fucking bobbins rolling around, or not? Your call.

Looks clever, eh? Also, I did it wrong here. Fuck it.
How about that tensioner? Its clever. Its...I dunno, quick to use? I've never actually adjusted tension in any of this shit, but I suppose maybe you have. It'd be sweet if I could close it down to fit a spool of Pearsall's, but ain't happening like that. So, yeah. Tensioner.

So, we're onto the big deal, or at least what was the big deal to me, and its selling point, the built in dubbing loop hook. I fucking love dubbing loops, and I've amassed a large collection of different tools to make them, so this was what won me over. Two years ago, I watched Gary Borger make magic with a dubbing loop (admittedly, not that pattern, but look at that shit), and I bought his preferred tool and never looked back. Of course, this is another tool, and people would have you believe that swapping tools back and forth is akin to beating puppies or some shit, so yeah, the Uberbobbin and what not would save me time and puppy beating.
Just buy this thing. 
The actual use of the tool is, unfortuantly, not as slick as one might hope if they've gotten entrenched in their way. Actually, it seems downright fucking obnoxious. Making a loop is quick and easy, but the thing is, its not very easy to open or manipulate it with yoru fingers, as its pretty much locked into the end of the bobbin, period. Wanna open it? Well, let's hope you don't want to make it more than like a 1/4" or whatever the size of the gap is. Wanna close it? Only chose is to flop the bobbin down, and then spin it shut. Done with your loop? Gotta try to pry it off the hook and then sort of fidget with it til you can pull the tag and cut it. Don't believe this is the Right Way, go watch fucking the head Lapplander in Charge on this shit. Yup.

Truth is, its a whole lot more fidgety and fucking annoying than the extra tool. Not only that, but you're pretty much locked into using a rotary vise, which I have and strongly don't care for. Maybe you do, but fuck off, its my blog so make your own and drunkenly ramble about dumb shit.

How about perfectly balanced? Let me call you when I get this bitch up on the ole centrifuge and spin it up a couple thousand RPM.

So, we're left with the smug sense of amazing bobbin, I guess. Fuck it. I sold it.


  1. I'm still using the first bobbin that I got in a kit of cheap tools. I don't think I tie enough to ever justify one of these MP's. I wouldn't mind a ceramic tubed one though. I'm way pro dubbing loop too. Two words...Cal Bird.

  2. "True Dubbing Spinner." Find one and buy it.

  3. No, eff you! I invented this bobbin whilst my poor Papa rocked me to sleep at night.....from behind! He screwed me, now I screw you! Count your blessing you only get reamed for sixty-three American dollars! Dub this bitches!


    p.s. Sit and spin.......bitches.

  4. that's just silliness. everyone knows the finns don't like it in the butt; that's the greeks.

  5. Anyway... I would better suck ANY tube than buying that shit