Wednesday, November 7

Overpriced shit that I'd never buy even though it works.

This post has very little to do with
this. Also, CDC sucks. Except here.  
Totally part of a series of two, which isn't much of a series, but whatever. My shit.

So, here's the deal, I think CDC is fucking stupid. Its a panacea, a magic bullet, and I'm entirely sick of it. Matter of fact, despite the fact that I have absolute bags of the shit, I've never bothered to use it.

Until recently. A friend showed me his stupid simple generic tie, which uses a few fibers in a loop wing. Suddenly, I have use for bags of CDC, and I can make one feather last for multiple flies, so, like, fuck your face corpse of Rene Harroup for controlling the world market on CDC.

OK, so maybe he's not, or wasn't, or from beyond the grave. Whatever.

Point is, along with that shit comes a whole host of overpriced toys and shit. One of them I bought, one of them I was gifted coz a friend knows a friend who may or may not get high with a dude who sells this shit.

Its good to be in the network.

And with that, I present to you my thoughts on the disguistingly overpriced Marc Petitjean amadou patch.

In short: Holy shit, it works.

But, that doesn't make words people read, so I suppose I have to go into more detail.

Before, and blurry.
I fish alot of snowshoe flies (read, everything but an Adams that floats is an snowshoe fly, and I only basically fish shit that floats from March to November). The Internet tells me I can't use Gink on flies, but I'm here to tell you (the Internet) that you're wrong. You can, because I do, and y'know what, that shit works damn well.

Wet like prom night.
But, it helps to wring that sodden mass out, first. Like most intrepid fishermen, I prefer the corner of my shirt... but I'd been contemplating using a piece of chamois, or a piece of Sham-Wow (because its made in Germany, and as Vince will tell you when he's not beating whores, the Germans make good stuff).

$40 drier.
I mentioned this on a forum, and one of my friends turned up an actual Marc Petticoat amadou patch a week or two later.

So, well, fuck yeah, believe it or not Amadou works surprisingly awesome. It'll dry that shit right the fuck out and make it look almost fresh. Not bad for a hunk of mushroom. On the other hand, its like $40. Forty dollars! That's bad for a hunk of mushroom... who considers that a good value? Granted, I didn't pay for it, but you probably would have to and all I can really say is, fuck that.

I guess there's non MP amadou out there, so maybe that's not so bad in the end, I dunno. What's it cost?  $10? Maybe, but wait, what about some of the other options?

The shirt alone sucks. Period. End of story. Sure, it works, but not for shit. Shirt and Gink, on the other hand, floats like a motherfucker, but as we've noted, eventually it just won't take anymore and gives up.

As seen on TV.
The Sham-Wow...? Well, would you believe Vince spoke the truth, that shit works.  Its maybe not as awesome as a Marc Petticoat Amadou patch and shit, but its cheap (you get like a million of 'em for $20), and for all I know the drying properties of the orange one are even more handsome and powerful than the blue one, I mean, yellow makes shit faster, so maybe orange makes 'em drier? Who knows!

But yeah, fucking Sham-Wow.

Now on the other hand, the amadou patches dry out pretty quickly, or it soaks in, or I dunno, but you can pretty much use it endlessly. Maybe the Sham-Wow doesn't dry out, so YMMV.

But given the choice, I can think alot of better shit to spend $40 on.

Finally, FWIW, I've been told the Wonder Patch is the shit. I don't have one of those, but its certainly more attractively priced.

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