Tuesday, March 13

"What flies do I pick?" bullshit reposted coz I'm lazy like that.

A paraphrased streamside discussion over one lunch break:

"I just have one question for you..."
"What's that," I responded far less irritated than I would for most newbies.
"What flies do you use...?"

I told him to come here and hunt up the old post I made about beginner flies.

I'm just making this lame-ass self-reblogging to bump it up top for the year, and because I can. Mostly because I can. Suck it, its my blog and you can make your own if you don't like it.

If you're desperate for more insect knowledge, grab a copy of Charlie Meck's "Pocketguide to Pennsylvania Hatches" or whatever its called. Its small, and its handy and you'll soon reach a point where you too can say, "its brownish, and its about this big...so, this fly'll do." Or you'll speak Latin at other assholes who need more useful things to occupy their minds. Whatever.

Hit and run topics include:
This is all. See, civic and all that. Or. ? What.


  1. That looks like the little bugger that was crawling around in my shirt at lunch time. Pesky flies...where would we be without them?