Saturday, March 26

trout unlimited, not just coffee and doughnuts.

In case of emergency, break glass.

The three seperate TUs left in the Lehigh Valley (Monocacy, Forks, and Hokey) had their combined event today. Money was raised. There were doughnuts, and coffee. Money was spent on raffle tickets.

Raffle was fun. Surprised, actually. Won a box of flies.

Classy, like. I've always wanted to make that sort of thing, but I'm lazy, so I won't. Its a whole set of wet flies. I like wet flies. Its got a Tup's Indispensable in it. I like that name. Its got character.

So this was the combined Lehigh Valley Trout Unlimited 9th Annual Spring Event. I admit, I went in skeptical because I'm a jaded prick, but I'm very glad I took it in. Money was raised. There were doughnuts. That's a good time. See people you know. Raffles. That's a good time. 

What confuses me is how is it I know all these guys? Small world, etc. Was nice to see so many people get together, money goes towards something useful, you get coffee and doughnuts, and watch a guy put on a presentation.

Oh, and if you're into free coffee and doughnuts, the Monocacy guys are doing theit stream cleanup on April 23rd, 8:30am at the Illick's Mill parking lot. I'll bet you could go fishing afterwards, too. What a day!

Anyways, was good. Some dude who liked the Misfits was the presenter. How do I know this? Because he named his flies after Misfits songs. I'm fine with that, but like, what if the fly has nothing to do with like, the name?

Like, the first one I noticed was Theme for a Jackal. Its a good song, but one assumes the fly, I dunno, has jackal fur or something outlandish (re: tups indispensable). But then you see three or four more come up, and they don't appear to be anything other than side B of Legacy of Brutality.

Let's think about this. I say, "Al's Rat." You pretty much just get it, right? Its primary thing is muskrat fur, and some duder named Al came up with it. You tell me, "Theme for a Jackal" damned well should have jackal nutsack fur or something. Hare's Ear, Pheasant Tail, these are all pretty good, eh? You know what's down.

But you hit me with Some Kinda Hate, I have no idea what you're getting at. That may not have been one of his names. Spinal Remains was, and while its evocative as hell, it wasn't like, you know, germane to the discussion.

Life, or something like it.
Still, could be stranger. Giant streamer names baffle me, like something a 13 year old would come up with.  I imagine a bunch of guides hanging in the bathroom of guide school guffawing at something one called a Sex Dungeon. Not unlike Beavis and Butthead, but with more beards and rugged, technical, outerwear.

Although, I'm down with the name circus peanut. 

Seriously, though, compare T&A Bunker to Merkin Crab. Both are equally crass and silly, but one relies on a sly knowledge of 17th century prostitution lingo and STDs, the other just requires you engage the mentality of a drinken frat brother. No pop, no style.

Misfits songs, at the very least, have style. I'm probably out of line anyways, because my grand plan is to name flies after Volkswagen factory codes. I think its witty to have a fly called "Type 1" (ie, the Beetle or Bug) and another called Type 181 (the Thing), but most people will probably think that's just stupid.

Some snot nosed jackhole will probably make a blog entry mocking me someday. Life is cyclical like that, dig?

Anyways, the Misfits fan was Mike McAuliffe from I liked his presentation. He went long, and packed alot in. It was a year's worth of fishing in an hour. Well, hourish. Then they raffled stuff, but we went down that road.

Then, see, there's more, then I left. And I went fishing, and was cold and generally not feeling it, so in the spirit of applied knowledge, I put the rod down and did some seining. Not that I applied any of this. 

I need a better way to hold and picture them, though. A better container, basically. I've been meaning to do this sort of thing for awhile now, just because its amazing to see all the shit that lives in the water. Mike had some great pictures, too. 


  1. Keep that Tupps in the case there gfen. You don't want a fly made out of goat's scrotum hair getting out of there.

    Nice blog btw.


  2. I assure you, its one I don't think I'd hold in my mouth while tying it on.