Thursday, March 10

Zombies on the Monocacy.

Are corpses in season, or do you need to C&R?
Lower Nazareth man, 75, identified as killed in Monocacy Creek:
When relatives of Joseph Novack found his rake near a Monocacy Creek bridge Wednesday morning, they called police. Novack, 75, who had been clearing debris from the bridge, was missing.

By late afternoon, rescue crews had recovered a body near the swollen creek in Lower Nazareth Township. Police officials said they believed Novack had fallen into the creek while working to move piles of sticks and other debris lodged under the small bridge.
Just before 9 p.m., Northampton County Coroner Zachary Lysek confirmed it was Novack who died. Lysek said he expected to rule Thursday on the cause and manner of death.
Crews spent most of Wednesday afternoon searching for Novack of 4910 Steuben Road. He had last been seen around 7 a.m., said Deputy Chief James DePalma of Colonial Regional police.

I live in absolute terror of finding a corpse in the stream. Thankfully, this section is not only posted, but buttressed  by ATW regs and thus closed to unleashing that horror on me.


  1. Have you considered how horribly insensitive this post is to family and/or friends of this person?

  2. No, did you? Could you clue me in on what these feelings, well, feel like? I'm afraid I might just happen to be an obnoxious, self-centered lout without concern for anything but having undead terrors rise forth from the stream bottom and drag me kicking and screaming to a watery death, and I'd hate to think I was being insensitive about it.