Wednesday, February 23

Trout Unlimited, not just old men and hippies.

Alaska: Cold, and expensive to get to.
Actually, nary a hippy to be found. I'm sure they're there, but they don't attend meetings, I guess.

You should, though. I mean, its like $35 for a year, and they use it to do something useful, unlike you, to try and help that stream you fish when you're too lazy to drive to Spring Creek. You know, that one you don't think is very good (although, I'm quite fond of my local waterways, thank you very much) and that doesn't get the press the big waters might do so.

Auction prizes, for $1, why
wouldn't you? 
So, go ahead. Throw 'em $35. Then, find a local chapter and attend their meeting. Or, skip the $35, and just attend a meeting to see what's up, they're generally nice enough people, and chances are, you share the same interests.

Last night some guy told me about Alaska, and the "budget" lodge (the budget lodge, FWIW, still cost him on the order of $4k for a week, in case you were wondering). Now, I admit, I have zero interest in Alaskan lodges (or Montana lodges, last month's discussion), but its nice seeing what one could get up to if they had money, eh?

If you're in the Lehigh Valley, the combined valley chapters, Monocacy #491, Forks of the Delaware #482, and  Hagendaas #535 hold their combined "spring event" on March 26th. The Monocacy guys sure would like to have you come help clean up the stream, too. I'd post details, but it appears they've borked their calendar.

And now, for something completely different on the same subject, but mildly different...
I'm going to just reprint a TU email, because I can, and why waste the time re-writing it?

Please visit our online action center to urge your senators to kill the destructive provisions contained in HR 1, the House-passed Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government through the end of the year.

We urgently need your help to stop provisions in HR 1 which would 1) inflict severe and disproportionate cuts to federal funding programs which TU staff and volunteers rely on to accomplish our habitat restoration work, and 2) gut key natural resource agency conservation programs TU relies on protect and restore rivers and streams.


HR 1 is a disaster for trout. It took aim at a suite of natural resource programs that help protect trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds from mine waste, uncontrolled off-road vehicle use and other impacts. The bill also blocked the processes in place to restore vital watersheds like the Klamath River basin in Oregon and California and the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Additionally, it eliminated grant programs for fish and wildlife habitat restoration. But the Senate can fix it. Next week the Senate begins crafting its own CR, and has a great opportunity to do it right by sportsmen.


Please visit our online action center today and contact your senators. Feel free to use the model letter you will find there as a basis for your personal letter or email.

Also, read the TU press release for more information about the contents of the bill, and a group letter signed by 31 sportsmen conservation organizations opposed to it.


Steve Moyer
Vice President of Government Affairs
Trout Unlimited

Keith Curley
Director of Government Affairs
Trout Unlimited

Larry Harris
National Leadership Council

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