Monday, February 21

Free fly tying lessons.

This could be you!
For our local Lehigh Valley fly fishing residents, the local LL Bean store in the Promenade Mall (Center Valley) offers a free 26 week tying course.

Its good stuff, you're responsible for tools but all materials (save thread) will be provided. You'll be taken from a simple San Juan worm on day 1 to a very ornate woven stonefly nymph on the last day, as well as making some friends and maybe some fishing partners. I also can promise you that you will end up with a box of very fishable flies, and the ability to understand what you're doing, versus some abortive messes you'll come up with looking at the stupid book that came with your kit (what, me?).

Taught by the inimitable George Maciag, who's shirt at the last Somerset show declared him a Celebrity Fly Tier, you can't go wrong considering the cost (nuttin!).

Next cycle begins 3/15, runs every Tuesday from 6pm 'til end (about 8 usually).  Again, you will need tools, but the Bean can provide you with some starter kits if you wanna plunk down the cash.

Do it! Ain't nothing finer than catching fishes on your own fly, and you can save money if you understand moderation, or you'll find a new way to blast money in ways you never imagined before!

No, I'm not affiliated other than having taken the class, befriending George, and being that pleased with what they offered and what I learned.

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