Monday, February 28

And the Oscar goes to...

...something that wasn't Gasland.

Not surprised, whatever it is that won, it was abotu the financial meltdown, and people are more actively worried, plus, you can blame that on Republican leadership with ease, this is Hollywood we're talkin' about.

Marcellus Shale isn't nearly as scary, I guess, unless you live with it. Its why you might want to watch Gasland at some point, coz like, it has bearing on you. Directly on many of us who might read this stupid blog.  There's a good chance you might be, too. If not now, soon enough. That article claims "Saudi Arabia of natural gas." I'll remember that when we start seeing sheiks in Rollses rollin' down PA191.

So, for what its worth, Gasland available via streaming on Netflix and Amazon.

And then, there's wading in the Little Lehigh Heritage Angling section, which is allowed now, BTW.

But why...?

The kidde pool, oldschool edition.
...Because you can't walk the banks any more.

Yes, really. There'd been some speculation on the order of conspiracy theories, a lack of concern, some sort of well timed bird flippage to Rod of the former Little Lehigh Fly Shop, and alot of gnashing of teeth, but its simply because the riparian buffer has begun to really fill in.

I guess, in its way, you can't really argue that, eh? I presume they'll keep it cut back down at the meadowish area by the LLFS spring house so the crippled kids can fish, but the rest of it has grown in pretty nicely, and I've always wanted to fish that riffle up from the kiddie pool, but never really had the ability.

Guess I do now, if I wade.

"You shouldn't wade, preserve the heritage!" Yeah? I got a story about that...

It starts out innocently enough. You're standing on the bank, flipping your stupid fly into the water, la la la, life is awesome, right?

Oh, shit. Snag! Well, you think looking at this rid just about 4' off the bank, I've got 3 nymphs and an indicator on this right, and well, the water's not deep, right, so...your mind enters into pros/cons. I can leave three hooks, lead, and non-biodegradable crap in the water forever, or I can take those two forbidden steps and BAM, get my whole thing back plus save time and money in flies and retying.

And there it is. One, two, you're knee deep in the Little Lehigh. The old dude 30' upstream gives you the look, "Y'know, you can't wade here!" he snaps.

"Yes sir, I'm afraid I can. Its legal as of the 1st."

(a mute glare is your response)

You realize that you've broken the taboo. You and your friend move up stream, and you assemble at the unhallowed grounds of the kiddie pool. You throw your flies. You hang.

...two steps out, and up it comes.

...You cast, and recast, and move to a position.

...Cast, recast, move.

...cast, recast, holy shit, I'm that asshole, standing in the middle of the kiddie pool.

Yep. You wait. You just wait.


  1. "I've got 3 nymphs and an indicator on this right, and well, the water's not deep, right, so...your mind enters into pros/cons."

    3 NYMPHS and an INDICATOR? You wanted the awesomeness video didn't you?

  2. Yes, but at least one of them was actually a soft hackle. I may have to sacrifice my pride in the winter, but I've still got some style.

  3. How long did you boil the curly indicator? Your leader can only be 15' long in that section you know. No French nymphing.

  4. Ed gave me some curly indicators, I actually look forward to trying it out just so I can continue to trash talk it.

    I'm pro yarn. Someday I'll re-post the Monocacy TU article I wrote about making them.

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