Thursday, July 5

Further adventures in rod building.

I completed the first one after what seemed like forever (it was actually like 8 months, mostly spent not ordering a single piece), and I figured I'd leap right into the Project 2, as everyone says "do a cheap one first."

Evidently, I'm doing two cheap ones first, as Project 2 can now be Project 3, or I can complete Project 3 before Project 2, or, I dunno.

What the fuck am I even saying?

Let's put it this way, the short of it is I'm doing another cheap rod. I mean, someone offers up a "rust brown" (which to my eyes is carroty diarrhea brown, really) for $22, who am I to pass it up? Especially when its a fiberglass 1/2 wt rod.

This, combined with a friend handing me a box of free winding thread means its a given.  Mostly because the colours of thread are all pretty out there, so how am I not going to use them?

So, with a box of pieces on order, its time to look at some wraps. With all luck, this one won't take as long.

Decisions are in order when it comes to free thread, though. I originally wanted to use the black/white twist, but my darling wife states it doesn't "pop."

She also thinks the blank colour is atrocious. She's right about that, maybe she's right about a lack of poppage?

 The green/black stuff just doesn't work. Cool thread, entirely pointless. I think it was originally made for wrapping gaffs or something as its size D. Or E? Whatever. Big.

Would you believe she likes the clown wraps? Not that I don't secretly want to use it, but somehow I don't think I can. 

Someone taught me if you soak them with olive oil, it'll look like finished thread sans CP. Sounds like a plan. Let's see what we get...

That sure is a nice shade of green, and I like the black, but its just not very exciting. Shame, really. On the other hand, how fucking awesome is the twist? Unless you're my wife, that is, then it still doesn't "pop."

She still prefers the mother loving clown wraps, FWIW...and that blue just looks assy, even with shitty flash photography.

And since we're doing it, and someone sent me a spool of red/black twist, let's take a look at burgeoning Project 2.

You can sort of see the hasty shitty job I did, right? Well, shit...

Overwraps become highly obvious, oops. The downside is the awesome checkery pattern I had planned on doesn't seem to happen, I guess because the thread's so thin versus the thicker stuff.

Eventual plan is to tip it with black metallic thread to set off the red/black twist. Snake branded black nickle guides and a red agate stripper for the hardware, a downlocking seat on a custom turned ash seat and a Fenwick style half-wells grip.

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