Tuesday, April 3

there was a point to this but FYF i stopped caring somewhere long before I ate the pie so just read words words words

Hare's Earses. A variety, even.
I look at the bins upon bins of shit I bought to tie flies with, and I realize I could get by with the following:
One grizzly cape.
An assortment of snowshoe rabbits' feet.
A bag of peacock herl.
A partridge skin.
A hare's mask would be nice, but I seem to be making due with a rabbit skin coz it was only like $5 at the craft shop.

What the hell else does one need? Fine, maybe a pheasant tail, and calf tail for the Royal MF Wulff (I could use snowshoe, I mean...).

But, yet, bins upon of shit.

Nymphs. I tie one religiously, and one because I think it works better yet I never tie them on as to not ruin the magic. Let's deal with the one I tie religiously because, well, its awesome shit. Its the gold ribbed hare's ear. and you fish that bitch anyway you want and it goddamned catches fish.

You also tie it three ways. Wherein upon completiton, its all about how to fish wet flies versus nymphs from a guy who does neitehr well, but loves one and hates the other. And whatever. I can sum that up in like three groups of words.

Old school winged.
Did you know there's a Hare's Ear Ct in North Carolina? Its before you get to Light Cahill Ct and before Greenwell's Glory Dr. Dude. Seriously, that's cool.

Its an old pattern, anyways. Shouded in time, blah blah, all that. Did you care about history? Try here. Still too hard? This guy wrote alot of words. Why should I jsut steal teh best bits?

Blurry nymph.
Anyways, the deal is you fish this hting anyway you want. You tie it anyway youw ant. ITs fucking easy to tie and I refuse to be a douche who's all like, "you can totally tie it my way" then give it some lame ass name ("nuclear sauce gold winged hare's ear") because you changed a material (my secret is tinsel?).

(its not)
Soft hackle clever shit.

I have this awesome pie my mother in law makes. Its president carter's peanut pie. Its fucking christ worthy.  I'm eating it right now. Its good man.

Anyways, I just read while not compiling history for you that you could fish it dry. I should try that. Could you really fucking get life down to one pattern? If some asshole tenkarahole fucking mouths shit in comments i'm deleting it.  God DAMN that was serious pie business.

So look, Harry Stottlemeyer: All nymphs are wet flies, but not all wet flies are nymphs? Wait. Is that right? Don't care. Same thing. Sometimes you tie them differently to accent different actions, but if you fish nymphs you fish wets the same way.

So, upstream and dead drift? They work the same way. Dead drift down, watch your indicator. Across? Dead drift and watch your indicator. Down? Let it swimg across the stream. OK, you don't do that with nymphs, but you could. that's pretty much the only difference. Right there.

Wet flies imply movement beyond dead drift.

The irony on this is the combined Lehigh Valley TUs got a fancy guide to come in and tell us that he calls it "new era" nymphing. However, he didn't claim to invent shit, so there's that. The point is, everything old is new, you can just jink that shit, call it new age and die a super secret form with patented materials and call it nuclear sauce gold winged hare's ear. Not that name, though, I'm gonna patent that. My secret material? Sometimes I use mallard flank for tails. Shh.


  1. no, my mission was simple. eat it, do not document it. also, presentation of left over pie in tupperware not good, but fuckin eh it was good.