Tuesday, February 7

me me me me me me me me, repeat ad nauseum.

"Dude, why are you not posticating at blblblblb.com?"
Got banned.
Being a dickhead. 
Well, what, you know its true. I ain't mad, baby, Ike still loves me.
"So, like, can you come back?"
Yeah, although dunno how long it'll last. I am a dickhead. Its better this way. Besides, I made my own forum where I'm free to reign terror on anyone I don't like.
"Can I have the URL?"

So, there you have it. The rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated. And, frankly, they're not exaggerated enough. C'mon, prison, cancer, multistate crime spree, eaten by wolves...so many fucking options, and people are posting up whereabouts when they spot me on niche boards? Fuck, does that mean I'm spot burned? Not that I'm not flattered and all to be this interesting to people, but isn't there something more pressing to discuss? Mountain lions, line cleansing protips, the 8'6" 5wt fucking rod of your fucking dreams, or perhaps something interesting like tentkara? I hear its very awesome, all fucking Zen and fucking simplicity and fucking leet as fuck and shit. No reels. That's very different, amirite? That's what makes the difference betwixt a hackneyed fucking cretin and a Zen fucking Monk, fly reel. HOLY FUCK MR MIYAGI WAS A SPIN FISHERMAN!

Well, shit, that just dashed all that shit to the ground. Guess we know what constitutes Zen fucking awesome now, tenkarites... bust out the Zebco, fuckers, its on like Donkey Kong.

Anyways, back to important shit. Me, and my central importance to your universe. I am, btw, going to assume that I'm the hub of your online existance coz I'm a fcukign raging egomaniac like thatthis. See, reference this shit? An entire post about how awesome I am. Fuck yeah, Seaking. 

San Dimas High School football rules.


  1. You're on a roll. I got nothing else. Stifled.

  2. Tenkara's pretty fucking dumb, but nowhere as annoying as Derek DeYoung's shitty, creepy art. If I see one more new item (cigar holder?!?) with his poop on it I'll puke in my mouth.

    1. holy shit:

      you're right. christ on a crutch, i never put two and two together, but that is utter shit and its all this guy's fucking fault. and the sort of jackholes who buy into the newschool crust version of fucking river runs through it bullshit.

      i hate everything.