Monday, July 15

Yearly trico fuckstory.

Its 5:34am on a Monday morning when most people are heading into work.

I could be standing in the middle of a well regarded trico stream fishing banty drakes to stupid fish in about 30 minutes from walking out my door.

I have a fully rigged rod, plus a spare leader, a little jar of trico spinners, and everything I need sitting in the car.

The entire thing is ready to go for my yearly trico ritual.

And... I don't care. Its a stupid hatch for stupid people. Tricos are assholes. I'm going to bed.

Also, only assholes fish 8x tippet for fucking fish in 90 degree summer heat. Go ahead, argue it asshole.


  1. You won't get an argument from me. 8X is crazy. I can barely cast or even tie onto 6X. I think I'll just go toss a big wooly bugger to some smallmouths in a mine hole until the trout get over their mid-summer attitude.

    1. One, I really apprechiate someone who says something of substance on the Internet, which you do. Alot. More people, including anyone who lives in the Lehigh Valley should read it (

      Two, since we're both indirectly talking about the same basic streams, especially the "well regarded trico stream," the amount of times I listen to people talking about you how gotta have 7x-12x tippet for the highly educated, discerning fish on that crick absolutely makes me want to punch babies.

      Last time I used 7x was my stupid trico outing last year, I took it off the tippet carrier because I was trying to cut weight and never used it.