Sunday, June 30

One orange provides 116.2% of your daily dose of vitamin C.

And complete.

Second one I've made, it got easier than the last.

I bought the "unknown manufactuer" blank for $15 off a guy on a forum. He told me it was brown.

Its not. Its orange. Its very fucking orange. But, whatever. I've been planning to make it for more practice, and then just selling it off for what I paid for it.

Pacific Bay silicon carbide stripper and lightwire snake guides, using a the sizing and spacing provided by Tom Morgan for a 7' 3wt rod. 

I used Pro Wrap Tiger thread, basically their name for a twist nylon thread, in orange and black. PacBay black nylon thread for tips (are they tips if they're that thick, still?) and a single coat of Flex Coat colour preserver, with one coat of Flex Coat low build finish.

My wraps still suck, though, but they are better than the last one. I did a better job at packing and burnishing, plus burning off ends, but there's still plenty of mistakes to be found. 

An vintage Pac Bay featherlight style aluminum seat, and a dirt cheap Fenwick-style half wells seat. In the end, all cork is gonna look like shit when you use it, why pay a premium? I own rods to fish, not to look at.

Wish I knew who made this orange abortion, though. Turns out it fishes like a champ. Perfectly roll casts, can fish three small soft hackles to 20' without an issue, which is all I need, and bends to the cork with a 10" Lehigh Valley trout on the end. Turns out, even the hideous orange looks pretty good once you add some thead to it, too.

Fuck it, I'm keeping it. 


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  2. Why not orange? I frickkin' like it... reminds of good old varnished "BOO" rods.. Sure beat seeing black or green rods out there..