Monday, June 6

A vomiting forth of random ideas.

Its bad when even the desk girl who encodes
this remarks on just how much shit they're
gonna take out of you.
"Fever of unknown origins." That's doctor speak for throat swabs, piss tests, and twenty plus vials of blood, plus x-rays. Its what happens when you carry a fever for 4 days with no sign of it breaking. I'm convinced this shit isn't no unknown origin, though. Its a known known, not an unknown known or an unknown unknown. Its what happens when you leave home and go fishing elsewhere.

I am never leaving the Lehigh Valley again, goddamnit. This is how I get repaid. Sulphurs were coming along nicely, I had ths sweet wet fly swing down for caddis during said sulphurs, and this, this is what I get. I haven't seen water in a week, and I don't think I'm going to for another week or two at most. I'm convinced I have Lyme Disesease. Or Anthrax. More likely the former, but Anthrax was a pretty rad '80s thrash band and its more fun to say... I'm only basing it on the fact that the Cipro they proscribed me was issued for said malady.

OK, so I'm overreacting, but then again, doctor says its possibly lyme. I guess the gallon of blood will tell them answers for that.

So, my words of advise for you: Watch out for ticks, and open wounds if you wet wade. Whatever its origin, this shit blows. I'm worried it might be lyme diesease, but even if its not, its pretty intense knowing you can get fully shut down not actually doing  a damned thing wrong.

Well, fuck it. Now I've done my public service announcement, I'm feverish and I'm tired but I can't sleep, so I'm gonna just talk about loud about stuff. Wanna come along for the ride?

I made the first post February 15, its now June, 6th... four months? What an odd thing this has turned out to be. I never really expected anything out of it (will accept payola!), nor did I think anyone would read it. Hell, I started it as a bit of a show off after a pissing match with some other people about something, and I'm surprised at how far its come. I've actually found myself reading other peoples' blogs, and getting some nice traffic bumps from Troutrageous and TFM (including today, as he's evidently facebooked something from me again judging from the massive influx of traffic), how cool is that?

Shows up under "alligator dicks."
I've also seen some pretty random search strings, such as "just old men" (you know that's some sort of lemon party shit) or "alligator dicks." Alligator dicks? WTF kind of random search is that? Here's a hint for you, 13 year old kid who might someday plunk that string in again... try "alligator penis," or "alligator furry" if that's how you roll, I'm pretty sure "alligator dicks" isn't gonna be much use.

I'm not seeing massive hits counters like some people are, but what I am seeing is a steadily increasing number of people coming in month by month, and my ego and I apprechiate that. I think its pretty fascinating that people find my nonsense to be that entertaining, and while I know I've always had a flair for writing, I never expected to actually produce anything "useful" with it. Neither did any of my high school English teachers. Only reason I passed 12th grade English (two years running) was because I knew the proper way to brew a cup of tea. No shit. Use a tea cozy, btw. And pre-heat the pot with hot water while you bring your brewing water to a rolling boil.
Additional "alligator dick" results.

So, where am I going with this? What hell do I care, I've had a fever averaging 102.x for four and a half days now, I'm allowed to be even stupider than before. You're the guy who read it. You were looking for alligator dicks, perhaps?

I suspect you were hoping for some sort of ranty rant about something, I won't lie, I had one based on my little sidebar advertising, but I don't have the energy. It was about keeping fly fishing simple, while actually making it harder by making it simpler. Intrigued? You should be. I'm fuckin poetetically awesome like that, but you're gonna have to wait coz for now, I'm gonna go pass the hell out.


  1. Quit whining, Lyme disease is for pussies. Now I have to Google alligator dick. Thanks for that.

  2. Plural. He was interested in a multitude of alligator phalluses.

    My home is boring. I almost miss work. Almost.

  3. Dand...hope you're feeling better and that this is getting cleared up! Irony is, I read this post after I read "About", and you not liking to fish rivers far from home. ;) Yeah, I guess that's what ya get. Don't try it again! Anyway....I've really enjoyed the reads so far. Glad I found your blog!