Monday, April 18


Summing things up, nicely.
Kid B gone to the doctor to get the cast off his arm; Kid A is at home watching Youtube crap on the AppleTV with me.

I put some Fugazi on, its about as child friendly as I get. I try to talk loudly during the bad words, though, coz I exhibit good and neccessary parenting skills. He's not so into it, but I can get him to shout out the chorus to Song #1 with me, that's good. He's not generally into hardcore, but he's down with Bolt Thrower, and thats pretty awesome.

Anyways, there's bad fan videos, y'know, a string of Innerweb sourced photo montages, and there's Ian.... and, well shit, he's old. I mean, I wasn't cognizent of Minor Threat during their actual activity, but I was a bonafide fringe member of the hardcore scene for the debut of Fugazi. However, I get to laugh at brash young  skinheaded Ian MacKaye next to old, bald and pudgy Ian MacKaye. The more things change, eh?

What's this got to do with anything, at all, in regards to the general subject matter of this blog?

Not a Goddamned thing, that's what.

Like the words to Song #1, it's nothing.

Weather and life has not been conductive to my practicing a leisure slut lifestyle.

It's nothing. But you read this anyways.

If it makes you feel better there was a whole introretrospective thing that was supposed to go here, but I'm typing this with one hand and amusing a 3  year old on my lap, so whatever.

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  1. I had my iphone on shuffle in the car this morning while driving my 2 year old to the in-laws. Sex and Violence came on by The Exploited and I forgot he was with me until about a minute in to the song. I felt like a shitty dad haha