Friday, June 10

glade squires sounds like a dick.

I dunno, I go do a thing and not some things and I guess there's some sort of new level of dickery about a local creek. So like, I read more and it appears that there's a guy who's parents actually named him "Glade Squires." 

I mean, don't get me wrong, "Squires" is pretty badass as far as names go. I mean you've got.. what, a popular misspelling of a guitar manufacter and Chris Squire, who played a guitar but is only singularly named, and not plural. Actually, I guess "Squires" isn't very cool at all, other than the q.

So duder's some sort of guy of importance in the fish commission, and now he's all hot to stock local creeks in strange new ways:

Commissioner Glade Squires, of Chester County, suggested the commission stock the creek within the park boundaries with rainbow trout and allow all-tackle fishing for them specifically. The commission could maintain the existing trophy trout rules in regards to brown trout, he said.

Such a change makes sense because Saucon Creek represents “a significant opportunity” to provide fishing in an urban setting for families, he added.
 So, I guess that's an idea.

And holy shit, did we even talk about the name "Glades?" Who names their fucking kid "Glades?"  How goddamned douchey is that name? Can I say that without it being libel or something? Anyways, Glades. Holy crap.

So, yeah. Glades has strange and awful ideas. He also had support from people with far more common names. These are the people who are responsible for our shitty sport continuing, and fuck knows Saucon Creek has enough problems without crap like that; like the coop hatchery the local mouthbreathers keep trying to open on the banks of this place, a hatchery that ole Glades was also in support of.

So, I dunno. Maybe it's not the place you go, but the thing is if it starts in one shitty stream in my backyard how do you know the next one won't be in yours?

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